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I propose an uprising...a 'kind eyes' uprising

Yesterday was #worldmentalhealthday2020 and if we ever needed a time to look out for ourselves and one another, then unequivocally that time is now. The Purpose? Well I think it’s to see and accept each other – faults and all – in the belief that if and when we fall short; that’s absolutely okay. 

courtesy of Philadelphia Inquirer

So in this unusual time, when some of our privileges have been restricted or put on hold and we are navigating our way around the absence of in-person contact, how about considering this? I propose an uprising: a ‘kind eyes’ crusade. 

This phrase landed with me in the last month when it was used on an Inclusion Webinar by Deeds x Words to great affect. Intrigued by its use, I asked the host where it came from? Ruth explained

I previously worked as Director for a Civil Rights and Equality Action Group. Shortly after joining I was thrust in to presenting my big and bold proposals for change to the Board of Trustees, however events transpired that neither I or my pitch was at its best!

What happened next I asked?

‘One of the trustees around the table sensed my voice was wavering and came to my rescue, he said listen everyone – we are all listening with ‘Kind Eyes’ today.

So here’s the good news, if you want to start implementing the ethos of Kind Eyes you don’t need any training, if you are a sighted person you have all the equipment and latest version already installed. The only thing you will need is the will and the courage to be vulnerable. Why? Because it takes one party to ‘initiate contact’ as they say in the Transactional Analysis model: yes, you need to move from where ‘you are’ to where ‘they are’ to get this movement started. 

So I’m hoping you will sign-up too! It could be hugely affective to your colleagues, your partner or just someone you meet (at a safe space) on your travels.

As William Henry put it

The eyes shout what the lips fear to say.
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